Our Mission is to offer children's schooling and community activities which produce literate and competent children with the ability to be productive members of society and create a saner and happier environment for all.

     We teach learning by doing.  For our schoolhouse students, chubby fingers cut octagonal shapes out of plastic bags, tied strings and a small weight to them and learned the meaning of that difficult math word "octagon" while watching their parachutes float!

     Life is not an exam you study for.  Life is a constant education.  Students should be enabled to go out into the world and continue learning.  If a "one size fits all" education truly fit all students, we would be living in a society without individuality.  The goal of our high school program is to enrich individuals with experience, resources and motivation.  No one ever made a difference by being a sheep.  Each student works on an individual program drawn up in accordance with is or her own personal interests and talents.  We remedy weaknesses and develop strengths. 

     Education should inspire.  It should empower one’s potential.  Above all, it should enable individuals to achieve their dreams.  All students are unique, with interests, strengths and ideas that distinguish them.  We are dedicated to leaving no child behind by providing individualized programs that remedy weaknesses and develop strengths.

We're open year-round. Our calendar includes a rich schedule of summer activities and academic booster programs.  Field trips are an integral part of our program. Every year we survey the students for a subject they'd like to learn about. The most recent themes were California history and the ocean. The faculty identifies field trips that provide direct experience on the subject.

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